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For more than seventy years, we have helped residential, commercial, and industrial clients with their electricity needs, including new service, remodels, and electrical design. We can also accommodate your industrial control panel needs and strive to provide timely assistance through our team of experienced electricians.

Because we run a small, more intimate establishment, we’re able to work on a more personal level with our customers and provide higher quality work at an efficient pace.

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Being in the electric business for more than sixty years, we have gained an excellent reputation in the Mt. Vernon, WA, area through prompt arrival times, quick service, and establishing great customer relationships. We will always be there for our customers, even in an emergency.

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“Our experience with Ackermann was top notch. We are knowledgeable DIY home builders but needed help with an upcoming electrical service upgrade and expanded below ground electrical. They handled our project from start to finish with meticulous quality of service. We will go straight back to Ackermann for any electrical projects in our future.”


“They bent over backwards to quickly replace a dangerous panel. Very knowledgeable and professional electrician. Great communication, fair price, and real caring about the work done by all!”


I called several different companies. Ackermann Electric was the only one to call me back. He stepped me through the issue I had. Outstanding service. Thank you.”


“Ackermann Electric upgraded my old zinsco panel. They did exactly what they said they’d do. They did it exactly when they said they’d do it, and they did it for exactly the price they quoted me. They were friendly. They were professional. Everything is perfect. Well done.”


“Great company.
Honest and very knowledgeable.
Good leadership and excellent electricians.”


“Can’t fault them. So professional and turned up on time. They stayed and did all the work needed. I would highly recommend this company.”


Advice From Sparky’s Corner


My name is Evan Ackermann and my wife and I own Ackermann Electric Company in Mount Vernon. Throughout my years as an electrical contractor, I have found that many people are not aware of the many hazards of electricity.

Did you know that a shock with as little as .03 amps can kill a person? Did you know that most electrical fires are caused by improper connections from improper installations? I’d like to use this column to explain some of this as well as put out some ideas to consider when approaching an electrical task.


Just as a powerful wind storm can cause serious damage, the improper use and installation of electricity can cause serious injury or damage to life and property as well. This is why it is important to take steps that ensure it is safe.

In the electrical industry we have a code book that dictates the minimum requirements of electrical installations. Notice that I said “minimum”. More on that later. All of these requirements are directly related to life and building safety. No one wants to lose life or property in a fire caused by an inferior installation.


No one wants to deal with a non-working outlet or light. Everyone wants to enjoy a trouble free electrical system and be able to sleep safely at night.

That’s why it is important to have qualified people install your electrical wiring. To protect yourself, always make sure the individual is licensed and
purchases an electrical permit for any electrical work done.

State law requires this and many insurance companies can and will deny claims if work was performed without this. Permits are easy to obtain and inexpensive. Contact the local Labor and Industries Office for more info.


Let’s talk about a typical small remodel. As the rooms are restructured, invariably a wire or two will need to be moved or added. Many people will say to themselves, “I know how to do this myself” and off to the store they go to get supplies.

As a homeowner, do yourself a favor – stop at the local permitting office first and picking up an electrical permit. If you, as the homeowner, aren’t the one performing the electrical work then it must be a licensed electrical contractor and they should get a permit.

Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to electrical safety.


It’s that time of year that storms are approaching or already here. Have you considered having a backup generator system installed to keep you powered during those power outages that will happen? There are a lot of options out there to select from. There’s also many ways to connect it into your system.

Not all of the options available are suited for your specific application. We’d be happy to design and install a system that fits your needs.

Remember, if you’re putting in one yourself, don’t forget to purchase an electrical permit and have the installation inspected.


So what does a breaker do, anyway? The wiring in your home is capable of a certain amount of electrical current flow based on its size.

The breaker can sense the amount of flow and turn off the circuit if there is too much. Pretty cool. Let’s say a breaker trips and a person puts in a bigger one to “solve” the problem. Now the wire is forced to carry more current than it’s rated for, to the extent that it gets quite hot! Not so cool. Always match the breaker to the wire size.

Better yet, call us and we’ll take care of it for you so you don’t have to worry about it.


Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (“GFCI’s”, “GFI’s”,”funny outlets with test and reset buttons on them”) are a valuable life safety device. They come in breaker and receptacle form. It is important to test them monthly to make sure you are protected from that little thing that hurts real bad called a shock.

GFCI’s can sense when electricity is going to the wrong place and trip before it hurts. You should have them in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, and
anywhere outside. Have you tested your GFCI’s lately? Give us a call if you need assistance installing new ones.


Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters are another valuable life safety device. They will normally be a breaker. It is important to test them monthly. AFCI’s can sense when electricity is not flowing like it should. For example, they know when you drive a nail through a cable (wondered why my picture was glowing!) or if the dog chewed up the lamp cord.

If yours trips, check what is plugged into that circuit. If the problem is not obvious, call in the experts and we’ll get it fixed. Please don’t change the breaker to a standard type as you do. If you have a problem.

Surge Protection

Ever stop to realize how many electronic devices are in your home? TV, stereo, microwave, computer, fridge, stove, furnace, and the list goes on.

Every minute of the day, little power anomalies peck away at these electronics to the point of eventually wearing them down to failure. This can be prevented by the use of surge protection.

I recommend that you have one at your main panel as well as one near the electronic equipment as some of your devices are the source of these little chippers. We offer a full line of surge protection to fit all of your needs.


Why do I need a ground wire? Because it will safely carry current during a fault or short in your circuit. Without it, the breaker may not be able to “see” the fault and thus not trip when needed.

It also carries unwanted currents to ground when your surge protection is active. The ground wire should always be bare or green. This is code required. It should not be mistaken for the neutral wire, technically called the “grounded conductor”, as the ground wire shouldn’t normally carry the circuit current.

It’s a good idea to have your system grounds checked for good continuity so that they can do their job when needed.

Three Prong Outlets

There are still many ungrounded (two prong) outlets and wiring systems in existence. Don’t be tempted to replace a defective ungrounded outlet with a grounded type. That plug with the ground prong needs to be plugged into a true grounded outlet. If there is no actual ground on the outlet then whatever the cord is attached to will be turned into a safety hazard.

If you need a grounded outlet near the device you’re plugging in then I recommend a grounded circuit be wired in. Don’t create a danger to yourself and others by taking the cheap way out!

Fuse Panels

Why do I need a ground wire? Because it will safely carry current during a fault or short in your circuit. Still have that fuse panel in your house? Chances are it is over 60+ years old and is in need of replacing. Most of the insulating parts of a panel of that age are breaking down and can’t do their job anymore. You, as the owner, should consider protecting your investment and replacing this panel. It will only be a matter of time before it will fail which could lead to many other things to repair. Planned maintenance is always better than an emergency. It’s usually less costly as well.

If you are in need of electrical services, contact Ackermann Electric Company today at 360-336-6188!